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Frequently asked questions

Are your trainers certified CrossFit instructors?

All of our trainers are, at minimum, CrossFit Level 1 Trainers (CF-L1 Trainer). The CF-L1 trainers have taken the required course and passed the exam. For more information on each trainer please check out our trainer bios.

I'm nervous to try something new. What if I can't keep up?

You have to start where you are at! The beauty of CrossFit programming is that it is universally scalable. That means you will be able to get a workout that challenges YOU. The CrossFit community does not care where you finish just as long as you do it!

Do I need to know all of the movements before I start?

NO! All of the coaches will be able to help you with the movements.

One option is to do some personal training before jumping in a class. Lake Region Healthcare has a program called Lifestyle Medicine and if your LRH doctor refers you to the program, you can get two free half-hour personal training sessions, one free wellness coach visit, and a ten session package for 25% off!

What should I wear? Do I need any specific workout gear?

Wear whatever you are most comfortable moving and sweating in.

Do you have locker rooms and showers?

We do! The men's and women's locker rooms each have one shower. Towels are provided. Check out photos of our facilities!

Do you take insurance?

Insurance will not pay for your training with us. However, we do offer a discount on your monthly training fees if you carry a specific insurance provider and work out 12 times each month. The list of these insurance providers include:

Active 'n Fit

Blue Cross, Blue Shield of MN

Blue Cross, Blue Shield of ND

Preferred One


Silver 'n Fit

We are not able to honor Silver Sneakers.

How do open gyms and Saturday's work?

Open gym time allows you to come in on your own time to do the posted WOD, do your own workout, or practice movements. Coaches will be present but will not be working directly with you.

Saturday mornings are run similar. Sometimes a few of the athletes will do a WOD but it is not required of you to participate in the WOD if you'd like to do something else.

Do I need to see a doctor before I try CF?

If you have any concerns that could be exacerbated by exercise it is suggested you visit with your doctor before you start.

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